I am an art historian and a photographer based in Kiel/Germany.

Scientific curiosity and artistic expression is the common thread that is driving all of my pursuits. The thirst for knowledge has taken me on a journey that explores a variety of topics whose scope reaches far beyond my initial fields of expertise and as a result enables a better understanding for the interconnectedness of things. It has led me to take pictures and manage Social Media for 2008 Olympic Champion Elena Dementieva, travel to a dozen countries, become an avid guitarist, a TEDx-Organizer, and a Ph.D-student.

My first hand experiences as a creator of visual media inform my research interests which focus on contemporary Hollywood cinema and allow me to communicate scientific topics in a vivid manner.

Fun facts: I can expertly drive forklifts, and I'm an admirer of the works of cinematographer Roger Deakins and composer Hans Zimmer.


"I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experience through adventure and through passion" 

- Mickey Smith